Tiger 1 BB airsoft RC Tank – V3

This is the sequel of 2 other posts describing previous work on this project:

It also builds on this previous post, which is all about interfacing the WiiMote IR Camera with the NXT and tracking an IR LED with a Lego motor.

11Jun2011 – FINALLY !!!

Everything seems to work nicely together now it not only tracks and locks on the target, but it finally shoots PLASTIC PELLETS !

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Tiger 1 BB airsoft RC Tank – V2

It’s all about the same project as here, BUT with a different technology: instead of using the FEZ Domino (.NET micro framework based) board, I’ll be using the Lego NXT controller and an Arduino board for low level interaction with the electronics.

NXT + Arduino internals

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Electric remote controlled Tiger 1 Tank toy + arduino

It all started when I found this ex-display toy in a store, for “only” 30£ (rather than the initial 90£), because it was missing its remote…

Wow, something cheap and “not working” is the perfect excuse to open and hack it straight away…

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