3D Printing

This is not really a post about a project or trying out something new, but more of a reminder/reference for myself…

I don’t actually use my 3D printer nowhere as much as I should, but still, this past couple of days for example I had 2 things to work on, and I was surprised at how easy it actually is to find CAD stuff online…

1. Simple hook for the pushchair

I know it sounds silly and simple, but I needed to print a couple of hooks to keep the board of the pushchair up when the toddler doesn’t use it. I had this on my “to do” list for several weeks, and I never quite had a couple of hours to create an OpenSCAD file from scratch, as I usually do…

It was great to find this parametric hook on Thingiverse, that also made me discover OpenJSCAD (seems more complex but definitely also more powerful than OpenSCAD so I’m keen on using it for my future designs…).

I know there are dozens other designs, so it’s probably just me being late to the party and not realising how much has been shared in the last few years around 3D printing and CAD models…:)

Metal chain with hooks to keep the pushchair's board raised when not in use

Metal chain with hooks to keep the pushchair’s board raised when not in use


2. Robot wheels

I’m currently working on a 3rd version (the 2nd was a complete failure 🙂 ) of my self balancing robot, and I need wheels…

Now contrary to the simple hook, this is far from trivial to design yourself and I was again very pleased to find this guy did an excellent job at providing a hugely configurable OpenSCAD script.

Robot wheel

Robot wheel


Sorry for the disappointingly short and uninformative post, I promise I’m working on a couple of projects that are, if not technically hugely complex, at least visually pleasing… 🙂


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