Tronxy X1 3D printer upgrades


This is a brief post, mostly for my own usage / keeping track, detailing the few upgrades  I did to one of the cheapest 3D printers out there, the Tronxy X1, which I bought a couple of years ago for my 8 years old son.

It turns out it’s much more capable than what I thought and I’m using it more and more often, as it has a slightly bigger print area compared to my other printer, the Mini Fabrikator II (I also have an old / initial version Ultimaker, on which I’ve given up, after years of frustration, mainly with the extruding system…).

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CNC drawing


I’ve been wanting to get into the CNC world for a while now, and I keep thinking about buying my own little CNC mill.
However, I live in a flat, so the dust and noise is what stops me from going ahead… Maybe also the fact that I have an under-used 3D printer 🙂

In any case, I’ve been thinking recently that a nice way to get into this space would be a 2D CNC drawing robot, as it solves the dust (and most of the noise) issue.

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Physical Face Following with OpenCV on Android

Here I am again, less than 2 days after my latest post… this must be the shortest delay ever between 2 consecutive posts.


First of all I hope you guys will approve of my choice of face to follow ! 🙂   The English title is “All about my mother” by AlmodĂłvar, which I’ve never actually seen, but my wife tells me it’s a really good movie… !


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