Canon MP140 printer / scanner

This is a slightly unusual post, in that there no real hacking or building involved, quite the contrary: it’s about how to dismantle an old/brokern printer to salvage its electronics and nice mechanical parts…

Finally, after one whole morning of (very pleasant) work in the burning London sun 🙂 I managed to salvage:

  • 2 normal motors
  • 1 stepper motor
  • 1 controller board (which I imagine I won’t be able to re-use 🙂 )
  • 3 optical sensors (probably the most useful of all this, I already have an idea of how to use them for my new BB airsoft tank !)
  • some nice mechanical belts
  • a few other useless things…

4 Responses to Canon MP140 printer / scanner

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  3. A B. says:

    My MP140’s been a pain in the neck. Seeing a tear down of one has helped me resist flinging it out the window.

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