Retro Game on IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD LED Display – part 2

One month after I started hacking the above IKEA wall display I finally managed to finish writing the 2 (very) basic games and put everything together, ready to be displayed on a wall:

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As I was browsing for furniture in our local IKEA the other day, I noticed these “wall lamps” and their potential for hacking immediately jumped at me !

So I had no choice but to purchase one and try to find some time after almost exactly 2 years since my last project…

This is the first in a (hopefully long) series of posts that try to follow the journey.

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Christmas Lights

I recently finally found the time to do something with these 2 strips of WS2801 LEDs that I had laying around for years… and what better / more obvious idea given the time of the year, than build some over-engineered Christmas lights ?:)

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Game of Life on a Raspberry Pi (and a LED board)… in Haskell

This is a quick post about, re-purposing my Raspberry Pi + Peggy2 art installation, which already re-purposes a 8-9 years old Peggy2 LED board, to play Conway’s Game of Life.

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Electronic Art


I had been wanting to do this for such a long time…

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Improve Wireless Doorbell

This is an unexpected project, that might prove one of my (very) few that are actually finished and useful ! 🙂

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TM1638 Display Driver for Stellaris Launchpad

Here I am, roughly 3 months after my last post…

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SPOKA Night Light & Android – RETURNS

Here’s a quick follow up to my previous post on this topic, to showcase the work of Frank, who inspired by my project (wow… I feel good 🙂 ) went on and created a similar SPOKA light.

Short movie to download

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Hello IOIO – Android

Hello IOIO Android

Here’s (finally) my first attempt at programming an Android phone AND interacting with the physical world at the same time… !

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Peggy 2.2 LED pegboard

1hour and plenty of tinkering around the board…

When I press on the U4, all of a sudden the whole 1st row lights up…

But then it becomes very dim and FLASHES…. luckily I remembered what I read yesterday on the forum: to short L1 or L2… and it WORKS !!!

So to summarise there seem to be 2 problems, hiding each other:

1) the U4 has a connection problem. I don’t know exactly what, I’ll try to re-solder it, but when I press on one of the corners it works properly…

2) L2 that I installed seems to be causing very dim lights and flashing… just shorting L1 (as per the forum’s instructions) seems to fix it


Now thanks to some (very) helpful and quick reply from one of the “gurus” at EvilMadScientist, I’ve started testing the U4, one of the 2 STP16DP05 LED drivers.

I switched it with U5 but the symptoms remained exactly the same.

I’ve checked the pins of the circuit and, with an OhmMeter, the connection between the front and the back, for every single one of the 24 pins…

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