Simple serial transceiver – Aurel RTX-MID


I’ve been looking for a simple and cheap wireless serial data solution for quite a while now…

No specific usage, but things like every time you integrate your Arduino into a project and then 2 days later you want to update the code and you have to dismount everything, or simply remote control a project or more generally just getting tired of “all the wires”…

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Razor 9DOF IMU – I2C to Arduino


I2C bus "hijack" - glued with epoxy - one of them uses a via through whole, another is soldered on the back

This is obviously related to my endless post about the home made quadcopter

But it’s a much more generic problem, so here I am, talking about it in a post of its own…

The default way of interacting with Sparkfun’s 9DOF Razor IMU , as per its documentation, is through its serial interface.

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