My FIRST Robot

I have just found this photograph from 6 years ago (Christmas 2005) …

My first robot called "genius" - how pretentious... 🙂

Nothing much survives, and all I can remember are a few details:

  • based around a Lynx ABB robot board
  • the micro-controller was a BasicATOM Pro 24M (16bit and quite powerful for that time ! but such a pain to program, mainly because there was/is no community around it)
  • the wheels are furniture wheels
  • the motors are RC servos modified to have continuous rotation (soooo slow…)
  • one Sharp IR sensor mounted on another RC Servo
  • the little puppet on top is my wife’s creation…
I don’t have the code anymore, but it was quite crappy anyhow, it would stop each time it had to scan the environment.

My first robot...

The really nice memory about it, beyond the fact that it was my 1st attempt at robotics, is that I had spent an entire week-end in my father in law’s garage to design and build the mechanical parts …

I was living in France at that time, and it was right before robotics / electronics started to become mainstream. I had to order the uC and the board from a shop in Italy ! 🙂

Now the board and the MCU are with some UAV fan in Kenya, I hope he’s making good use of them …


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